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Its an 8-Bit World - Blank World

This comic's premise is simple. This is the White Space, or "Blank World" of my It's an 8-bit World Comicverse. Here all the characters, past, present, and future can interact and do crazy, random, and all-together odd things for your own entertainment.

Character Trivia
Simply put if you have any interesting trivia tidbits about your characters post them here. Please make a section for your characters using your username.

Chaos Master

The character Chamas is actually based on the main character of an unproduced fanfic of mine. Both have spiky red and black hair, blue eyes, have a blue and kaki color scheme for their clothing, and both are artificial half Saiyan hybrids.

Contrary to what it my seem, every Chamas I've made including the aforementioned prototype are not based on Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh! but a character named Mondo Ooya from the anime Mon Colle Knights. This manly includes hair style (abate with inverted colors), color scheme, and mannerisms to some degree.


Despite his outrageous stupidity, Chris Cadia has somehow been able to create almost as many robot masters as Dr. Wily has created. The exact number of robot masters he has is unknown, as he can't count past 23 without help.

Chris Cadia has 20 children, including adoptions. He is old dammit.

The character representation used for Mastermind9 is a simplistic Met, or Mettaur. He is grey in color and wears a Tophat and monocle. Being a met, it is very hard for him to do things like draw, open a door, or do anything that requires hands.


808 (aka BOB), the stupid blue and grey robot with dark green hair, was actually DaBrokor's brother, awesome guy's, idea. He would've used Coda as well, but had his own idea for a character and now 808 travels with Josh. Poor Coda.


Mablio originally was just a joke about making characters out of Super Smash Bros 64 pallet swaps. While this ended up becoming a regular thing throughout all the games between my friends and I, Mablio and two others, Cocky Fox and Peprikachu, are the only ones that survived past melee and into brawl. He wears a metal scarf due to twisting a silver twist tie around a Mario toy to represent Mablio, due to lack of paint.

Luibli was actually created by a friend to parody Mablio, but he ended up becoming Mablio's brother and right hand man. Because of this, Luibli is owned by both me and my friend, thus why he has multi-personality disorder, so he can please both of us personality wise. He is blue because of the Super Smash Bros Brawl pallet swaps. He has a beard because said friend had no other ideas on what to give him to differentiate him from Luigi, like Mablio's Scarf.

Mablio and Luibli were chosen to be one of 4 characters for me to add to Blank World due to there being no characters based off the plumbers, unlike the more commonly done Sonic and Megaman series.

Nick Cypher The Flames

Retrobi, full name Retrobi Lizaria Scicisa Cadia, the Terran Goddess skunk, was originally a super psychokinetic powered skunk with a simple power jewel in her forehead for more control of her powers and less need to focus. This jewel now has a higher purpose to her character.

Jane and Rose Snipes started out as failed attempts to make better sprites for Mastermind9's character, the ever lovable Roger Roger. They have since taken on a life of their own and even have complete personalities and backgrounds~


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